Decide what you want your website to achieve

What are you looking to achieve with your website?

Tue 20th Aug 2013

This should be the first thing that your web designer asks, because the answer is not as obvious as it sounds. For the majority of websites the answer will be 'generate more business' but how? It depends on the nature of your business, how long you've been established and how you want your business to develop.

The three most common responses will be:

  1. Sell more products online.
  2. Get more customers to visit my shop / restaurant / studio.
  3. Generate customer enquiries, either by phone or email.

If you aren't a business you might be trying to achieve something else:

  1. Provide information / reviews.
  2. Win over investors or sponsors.
  3. Showcase a portfolio of work / online CV

Whatever you require from your website, each outcome presents a different set of issues to consider and a different approach from the very start of the website design and development process.

by Rachel Watson