Natural, spontaneous photography in website design

Web design trends - authentic photography

Mon 13th Mar 2017

I wrote a post last year about sourcing images for your website, and one of the points I made was that creating your own good quality images was the best thing to do. So when I read a Forbes article about web design trends that backed up my point, I felt that it deserved a further mention.

I've picked out a couple of quotes that I thought were particularly useful.

'Stock photography reduces trust and is often completely ignored. It’s bad for design and even worse for business.'

Generic images of perfect people or towering skyscrapers don't do anything to help customers understand or relate to you or your business. They do nothing to give you credibility, creating the impression of a faceless, generic business and making your website and marketing materials bland and unmemorable.

'images featuring real people have a better chance at converting visitors'

The quality of your images should still be excellent, but the composition should appear to be natural or spontaneous, not posed. This sort of image is more emotive and relatable, they add a sense of narrative to the page and help create understanding of your business as well as a bit of personality.

Read more about photography trends here:

by Rachel Watson