Web design to grow your business

Tue 13th Aug 2013

As a web designer and developer I often get asked about how much traffic my clients websites get but while large volumes of web traffic sound impressive it is not necessarily of any benefit to you. Large volumes of traffic landing on your website means nothing if it doesn't lead to new business. What you need is website traffic that is relevant and that it turns into real business for you!

There are plenty of companies who will build a website that looks good on the surface but without the underlying structure and understanding that leads to new customers finding your business. Your website should look good AND perform well.

Launching a website goes beyond putting it live

Launching a new website does not stop the moment it goes live, a good web developer will check back on your website to make sure that it is showing up in relevant searches and that once potential customers have arrived, that their attention is captured and they stop to explore the website.

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by Rachel Watson