The huge use of smart phones means that speed is now a crucial factor for your website

The changing face of SEO

Wed 10th Aug 2016

SEO always used to be something of a mystery to most of the clients I spoke to, and it would be me who brought up the topic during discussions about designing and developing websites. More recently it is often the client who raises the topic and while they understand what SEO is they often don't understand how it can be applied to their website.

SEO techniques are a constantly evolving thing, Search Engines change the way they assess and rank websites in order to adapt to the way search engines are used by the general public and also to exclude exploitations by more unscrupulous SEO or web development companies.

I found a very useful article about SEO this week, it's quite long and a bit techy at times but has some excellent tips on how past techniques to help your site rank well in searches might now have a detrimental effect on the performance of your website now.

The speed of your site has been increasingly important in the last couple of years and is connected to the rise in use of mobile technology. You can test the performance of your site here:

by Rachel Watson