Should you change something?

Mon 30th Dec 2013

I'm not one for making New Year's resolutions, but I there seems to be something to do with taking a few days off and catching up with friends and family over the Christmas and New Year period that can be inspirational. I am lucky to have some fantastic friends that I don't see often enough and when I do there is always something that each of them has done since I last saw them that makes me feel as if I should be doing more, trying harder and being more successful.

For many 2013 has been a tough year in business, but it's nearly 2014 and one piece of advice I heard this year was, 'If what you are doing isn't working, change something.' So simple. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut, you've found a routine and you're probably getting by. But nobody really wants to just 'get by,' let's all aim a bit higher for 2014!

Perhaps something you could change to help promote your business might be your website. You might have a website that is performing reasonably well already but if it's a few years old it might well be starting to look a bit dated, trends change on the internet particularly rapidly. If your website has been going for a while, the chances are you've added bits and bobs along the way, slotting them in where there was a suitable looking free bit of space but in reality it would look better being more integrated or now needs to be built upon a bit more.

Maybe your website has suffered a bit of a hit in terms of SEO since all of the changes that the major search engines have made this year and you need a bit of SEO help, perhaps the addition of a blog or news section might help you with heavy emphasis now being put on websites that regularly feature fresh, relevant content.

Perhaps the branding of your business needs a bit of an overhaul, you might want to update the look of your logo for example, this is something even the biggest brands do, take a look at this article about the evolution of some of the biggest companies in the world: Logo evolution of 25 famous brands.

Take a look at your direct competitors or anyone doing something similar to you, work out why you're different and better than them and makes some changes to promote the individuality of your business.

If you want to discuss your website plans for 2014 please don't hesitate to contact me either by calling me on 07920096283 or emailing

Whatever changes you decide to make I wish you all of the best and lots of success in 2014!

by Rachel Watson