My new website!

Fri 9th Aug 2013

I design and build websites for a living. One of my favourite things about what I do is that I get to learn about something new each time I take on a new project. Suffolk and Essex is alive with small businesses and entrepreneurs, it's an exciting place to work.

Some projects are easier than others, a client might have a really good idea about what they are looking for, their company has been running for a few years so they already have a logo and an established brand. Other projects are very much a blank slate, an enjoyable challenge, requiring a larger package of design services including logo design and brand identity.

The hardest project of all as a web designer is designing and building your own website. It is always your last priority and never feels quite finished. My website is very minimal and neutral because I would like to attract a variety of clients. Also, it is here to showcase a broad body of work and show potential clients what I can do for them and their businesses without being a distration in itself.

On a more practical note, my website was not mobile and device friendly, if you looked at it on anything other than a desktop computer it would look very small and was awkward to use. It needed a big overhaul, including the addition of a blog (practising what I preach...) to keep it looking current and help with SEO in a particularly competitive market.

So here it is, hopefully it's going to work well for me.

by Rachel Watson