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Google algorithm update

Wed 13th May 2015

Search engine algorithms change regularly in order to adapt to the changing way in which we all use the internet. Possibly the biggest change in internet usage is in the varying devices we now use to browse websites, not long ago we would access the internet solely through desktop machines, with a limited number of browser choices. Then laptops became popular, more browsers became available followed by tablets and reading devices of various sizes and smart phones. You can also browse the internet through games consoles. 

Until recently we would see the same search results whether we were browsing on mobile devices or on a desktop computer but as of 21st April 2015 in a major update to search algorithms means that whether a website is mobile friendly or not will have "a significant impact" on how highly it appears in searches made on mobile devices.

Criteria include page speed, image size, text size, external resources, whether your links are big enough to be used on a touch screen and whether the content adapts to fit a mobile screen. The aim is to ensure that device users find content that is easy to use and interact with.

If you already have a website you can use Google's mobile friendly test to see if it will be affected. Existing websites can be adapted for mobile wihtout a total rebuild, but if you have been considering an update to the look and feel of the online presence of your business this could be a great opportunity!

by Rachel Watson