Five ways a well designed website will boost your business

Thu 30th Oct 2014

Your website is often your first point of contact with new customers or clients, it is your first opportunity to show them why they should use you and not go to one of your competitors, so as well as telling them how great you are using excellent written content your website should look great too.

Good design goes far beyond what you can see when it comes to websites, it’s all about SEO, interaction and engagement with site visitors. You want people to stay on your site, find out what they want to find out and then get in contact with you or buy your products.

Some of the most valuable benefits of having a well-designed website include:

Visitor engagement

It is important that you get website traffic, but far more important that your visitors stay on your website and read the content. This indicates that they are interested in what they have found and that a hit on your page is more likely to turn into business.


Good design should build and enhance your brand image, meaning that it should make you recognisable as a distinct business or organisation. Your website should feature consistent use of fonts, colours and graphics to tie in with other promotional materials or advertising.


Your website needs to be able to grow with your business, you might only need two or three pages now, but a year or more from now your business is likely to have grown, adapted and changed and your website needs to be able to do the same. A well designed site will take this into account.

Browser compatibility

There are a wide range of options for browsing the web, from desktop browsers to phones, tablets and even televisions. The internet is used so much by so many people and in so many different ways – the design and construction of your website needs to take this into account too.

Search engine optimisation

Your human visitors must always be your first priority, but high quality web design and development also enhances the ranking of your website in search engines by using clean, fast, well written code and content.

Your website design matters. A poor-quality website can give the wrong impression of your business and hold you back from turning web traffic into business. Get it right from the start, it’s an investment in the future of your business.

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by Rachel Watson