DIY SEO, yes or no?

Fri 14th Aug 2015

Search engine optimisation is incredibly important for the success of any business. The internet marketplace is a very competitive place and SEO is key to ensuring that prospective customers can find your business. There are companies out there who specialise in SEO but they can be quite pricey and outside the budget of most small businesses. So the question is, can you do it yourself?

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation - which means helping your website to appear higher in searches for terms relating to your business or products translating into more traffic and consequently more business for you.

How is a site optimised?

There are many ways of optimising your website for search engines, I've written an article about this before: SEO Basics but things have changed since 2013! Clean, lightweight, correct code is still incredibly important, but a much greater emphasis is now placed on new content appearing on your site, and being mobile and device friendly is also important. Social media links are now considered more relevant too, so Tweet links, add them to Facebook and aim for likes, shares and retweets.

Growing your website

Adding new content is now one of the best ways to boost your SEO. Writing articles, news stories or presenting case studies is an opportunity to become an authority on a subject, present your knowledge about a topic or product online and be a source of useful information as well as generating content to help you appear higher in searches.

The content you generate needs to be original and of good quality, duplicating content and copying pages might bring you temporary success, but search engines have adapted to recognise these bad SEO tactics, and will punish you for it. A well written article using keywords added to your website once a month or two and images with relevant captions and 'alt' attributes are good ways of doing this. Content should be written with an end user in mind, not purely for SEO, so stuffing lots of keywords in is not good practice and again search engines have adapted to recognise this. Use social media to promote this new content, every 'like,' 'share' and 'retweet' contributes to making your site look more important and relevant to Google.

The content management systems I build for your websites allow you to do all of this yourself quickly and easily. I can help you to use the CMS properly, how to write SEO friendly website content and use social media to promote your business. So if you have a website that allows you to do this then DIY SEO is a big YES! If you are interested in finding out more give me a call on 07920096283.

by Rachel Watson