Writing website homepage content

Creating effective website homepage content

Wed 6th Nov 2013

Your homepage is likely to the the first page of your website that potential new customers see. It is your online 'reception,' where your visitors decide if they feel comfortable and confident enough to stay.

The first thing to do, as with a real world reception, is to reassure your visitor that they have arrived in the right place. Make it clear who you are and what you do, introduce your company briefly and provide two or three prominent links to sections of your website that seem like logical next steps.

Remember that your visitor has a short attention span and can quickly go elsewhere, so get to the point. Your website homepage is not the place for detailed information, it is to persuade your visitor to stick around long enough to want to find the detailed information. You are writing your homepage for people not search engines, include keywords, but don't repeat them over and over.

Your homepage should be conversational, not informal, but approachable. Avoid using industry jargon, avoid using phrases that your potential customers might not understand, you could scare them away.

Your homepage is the place to show off special offers and promotions that might set you apart from your competition. If you offer free quotes or assessments, promote it here.

Link to your social media so that your visitors can quickly click through to see your most recent news and activities.

Include logos for industry associations, accreditation, accolades to show that you are approved but third parties.

In summary, treat your homepage as if you are trying to make new friends. You want to be approachable and friendly but knowledgeable, you’re overall aim is to impress without looking too much like a show off!

by Rachel Watson