Choosing the right web designer

Tue 1st Oct 2013

Choosing the right web designer can be very difficult, a quick internet search turns up so many results. There are some questions you should ask a web designer or agency before employing them to build your website which should help you to decide if they are right for you:

How easily will I be able to add to / or update my website?

Ask the designer / developer to show you an example of the content management system (CMS) so you can see how you can add text and images.

What do you charge for hosting and adding to or amending my website?

Do your hosting charges include any amendments or support? A website that initially appears cheap might mask hidden charges for hosting or support, so make sure you find out the on-going cost of keeping it running.

If you are setting a new business you might want to start off with a relatively basic website and as your business grows your site will need to grow with it, so find out how your designer or agency will charge for this, do they have a price structure? Will they charge by the hour or will they quote on it on a piece by piece basis?

If I have any problems with my website will you be able to offer me support?

Occasionally you might encounter a problem even with the most well built website. A new browser might be released or database software updated and cause an issue, will your designer or agency be there to help?

What browsers will you test in?

There are lots of browsers the most popular ones being Internet Explorer,  Firefox, and Safari but with the increasing number of people using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, it's important to test in those too.

How will you optimise my site for search engines?

The best way to optimise a website is through using relevant keywords and writing good content. If I need more substantial changes or additions to my website in the future, will you be able to make them and how much will they cost?

Lastly but not least, do you get on with them?

Whether you choose a freelance web designer or a design agency you need to get on with the people you are talking to, find someone you can be honest with and who understands what you are looking to achieve with your website.

by Rachel Watson