RW website design new logo

A new look website for... myself!

Wed 8th Jun 2016

I'm sure that it is true of many professions that one of the hardest things to do is design and build anything for yourself, for this reason my own website had become a bit dated looking and was quite in need of an overhaul.

There was never anything wrong with the website, structurally and semantically it was up to date and has always consistently won clients for me but the internet is a constantly changing thing and keeping up with design trends is important when it's your business to! The biggest change is the addition of a testimonials page where I have added some of the feedback I have received from some of my clients.

It's taken quite a while to finish as it can never be my main priority, my clients always come first, so over a period of the last four or so months I've completely redesigned the look and feel of the website.

Credit for the new logo design goes to Rupert at Brown and Brown, I could not come up with anything I was even vaguely happy with and Rupert gave me six options which were difficult to choose between. Sometimes it is better to step back and let someone else help you out...

by Rachel Watson