Brand identity

Brand identity is something that should be applied to every point of contact your business has with potential customers. Brand identity covers your logo, colour pallette, fonts, layout styles and the tone of communication with your audience. Your brand identity should be used consistently to make everything your business presents recognisable as yours.

“consistency & clarity are crucial”

Brand building

A logo is a good start, but it's not a brand. There is much more to it than that. Your customers are constantly bombarded with marketing, so being consistent in how you appear and communicate is crucial.

The way you address your audience as your business is a massive part of your brand identity, the colours, fonts and tone of voice you use help potential customers to understand your business, for example, the brand identity of an exciting, energetic and motivational company would look very different to a calm, relaxing and traditional one.

Logo design

Your logo is a big part of your business brand, in fact it can be the foundation of it. It should be bold, memorable and versatile enough to work across a variety of mediums, not just on your website and in print. If you have a van or a shop or unit front to apply it to it needs to scale up, if your employees wear branded clothing it would be useful if your logo works in block colour.

Think about any successful logo and you could probably easily draw it on a piece of paper with a few quick strokes because simple things are easy to remember. Also, complex logos, or a logo that relies on texture, gradients or lots of colours won't be as versatile as one that uses simple, distinct shapes and easy to read fonts.

There are trends when it comes to logos, but your logo design should be classic and timeless, or it could date your brand very quickly.

“bold, memorable & versatile”

Logo Development

Perhaps you have an idea for a logo but need the artwork to be created digitally, I provide vector based files that can be resized to any scale and used for a wide variety of applications.

  • Logo artwork for a Haverhill company
  • Logo artwork for a Haverhill company