It might not have to be completely back to the drawing board...

Is your website up to date?

Fri 19th May 2017

Ensuring your website is technically and visually up to date is paramount to its performance. If your website looks professional and is loaded with useful information users will see you as an authority in your field. Likewise if your website looks poorly designed and structured or out-of-date users can make similar assumptions about your company.

As time goes on your business develops or adapts and your website needs to stay relevant. It can become apparent that some parts of your website don't communicate well enough to your target market, there might be aspects of your CMS that you have found you don't use or your business has changed and the website needs to reflect that.

Assess and adapt

A redesign also gives you a chance to assess your SEO, rethink your keyword targeting and the overall conversion rate. You might find that some of the pages or sections of your website don't convert into business as well as you would like, so the emphasis needs to shift to improve performance in that particular sector.

No major overhaul needed?

You might not need a complete website rebuild, search engines love new content, so I encourage my clients to keep their websites fresh by adding to them regularly.  So if your website doesn't currently perform very well, it might be worth adding a news, case study or gallery section so that you can give it a regular boost.

I continually monitor the performance of my clients' websites to make sure they get the most out of it by checking the analytics to make sure your website is getting and, more importantly, keeping relevant traffic. It is also helpful to monitor what sort of new content gives you the best response so that you can provide more along the same lines to continue and grow your success.

In conclusion

There is no single answer to capturing website visitors and converting them into customers; user behaviour, browsing habits, attention spans, age, gender and browsing device affect the way a person interacts with your website.

Refreshing your site needn’t be a massive overhaul, sometimes all you need are a few little tweaks to enhance the excellent content that is already there.

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by Rachel Watson